Create a Website to Automate your Business

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Published: 29th January 2013
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Earning money while resting is a desire many business people love to achieve. There are only two ways to do this. On the one hand, you can hire high caliber and expensive staff to man your business in your absence in which case you lay all your trust in them and leave the success or failure of the business to their prudence or you can create a website and use it to automate your business. Business automation is one of the most important ingredients for any business to harness the resources available and properly channel them to realize the company goals. To reap the benefits of a website in automation, you need to automate a number of business functions.
Selling is the most important part of any business and it must be handled with utmost professionalism and given much effort. Without a website, it is impossible to automate sales because you need to go out there and get the products to the hands of the buyer. The other way is to wait for them to come to your business due to your location or advertisement. With a website however, you have an opportunity to automate all your sales functions. The first step is to ensure all the items are well displayed on the website. They should also have their various descriptions and prices well set out. The second step is to provide a shopping cart to allow for online purchases. This should be coupled with a payment method like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and any other that may be convenient for your customers.
The automation process cannot be complete without a provision for delivery of products to buyers. When you create a website to sell products, you must have in place a system through which sales from your website can be delivered to buyers without undue delay. If you sell your own products, then you should have orders processed and sent for delivery to the addresses given by buyers on the website. Courier services will come in handy for this especially where you are dealing with local customers. International customers can be served through international delivery services providers like DHL, One World Courier, UPS, Parcel 2, Go, FedEx and others. For those who sell from Drop shippers, you just need to connect your ordering with the drop shipper to have the orders delivered using their system. Most drop shippers will do a great job but you also need to keep an eye on what goes on to ensure you no customer goes without proper service.
Customer service
The customer service function is the key to keeping your business growing and to increase your sales. Every business needs a functional customer service to deal with queries that arise from website visitors and customers. When you create a website where customers need to be served, you can set systems to automate customer service. The best practice has been to get the requests filtered through have an auto responder where only important matters get the attention of a live person. This can reduce the number of staff required and have customers served better and more promptly.
Other Functions to automate
Besides the above functions that can be automated, you can also in the same breathe set systems to automate supplies. It is possible to like your stocks account to your suppliers and have them automatically replenish your stocks on attainment of agreed thresholds. You can also automate web maintenance by employing automated systems that donít need continuous human input. When you create a website, the greatest desire is to make more money by opening the business to a wider client base. Automating the processes is that will make you realize this goal.

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